At our core

Undiscovered Worth is a multi-media platform rooted in the belief that all stories are connected through our shared human experiences. We express radical openness and grace. 

We value meaningful human connection and growth. We embrace both the good and bad that life brings because we know that no experience is irrelevant.

Our mission is to cultivate an inspired community that seeks growth and discovery through the stories of others via thought-provoking digital content.



Meet the Creator

Kashara Johnson


Kashara Johnson's journey to creating Undiscovered Worth began in a New York City subway station. After wrapping up an internship at and unable to find full-time work, she wrote down a list of five things that she wanted to accomplish in life that weren't related to money. Sparking social change topped that list. Since then, she has produced a variety of projects aimed at cultivating dialogue and providing opportunities for personal and interpersonal discovery. 

In addition to creating content for Undiscovered Worth, Kashara is a freelance graphic designer residing just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Gina DeSimone

Holly Ravazzolo

Sarah Adkins

Lindsey Tillman


NaBeela Washington

Maya Minhas


Michael Grady - Producer

Kelsey Harrison - Co-Director

Evelyn Choi - Video Editor