Defining Moments Cover Image.jpg

When I think about defining moments, I immediately associate them with life transformations. Oftentimes these transformations are lofty and monumental, but many times they are quiet, less noticeable, yet still just as profound in shaping us into who we are ultimately meant to become. We all have defining moments. Many of our moments are attached to some kind of pain or trauma. Mine is. Our defining moments, if we let them, have the power to hold us back or to propel us forward. The choice is really ours. 

This series is all about individuals who's defining moments have tested them in unexpected ways and have also brought about incredible growth. In many ways, it's the story of their own "hero's journey". This wouldn't have been done right if I'd chosen not to share my own story. We all have our own reasons for why we've decided to share our experiences, but I hope through it all that you will find the courage to embrace your own and tell it proudly knowing that it is bound to touch someone else in a similar fashion.