Anonymous, African American, Southeast, Micro-aggression.png

Tell of an incident or a place where you’ve experienced micro-aggression.

I work in a predominantly White, male industry. Part of my job is to welcome clients and other guests. There have been plenty of times where I've been clearly and completely ignored and/or bypassed while in the same instance, they address other White people warmly and directly.

How did it impact you?

It makes me feel as if I have less value and insecure. I sometimes begin to wonder if I'm viewed as a lowly worker or "the help".

Do you wish you would’ve handled it differently? If so, what would you have said or done instead?

I'm not exactly sure how I could have handled it differently, but if anything it makes me realize the power of regular affirmation of my identity and inherent value. I'd like to get better at not holding on to these situations for as long as I do.