Lisa, Asian American, West-Coast, Micro-aggression.png

Tell of an incident or a place where you’ve experienced micro-aggression.

I was talking to a younger Asian woman. Someone came up to interrupt us, and asked if she was my daughter. I have friends (or had, since I dropped them) who would repeatedly pretend that I couldn't pronounce "L", and continued to do so, even though I asked them to stop. I've had co-workers who asked if I thought PF Chang's food was offensive, assuming I am Chinese, or that all Asian food is the same. When I was a flight attendant, I had passengers ask me what I was, tell me to go back to my own country.

How did it impact you?

It made me angry. It still does.

Do you wish you would’ve handled it differently? If so, what would you have said or done instead?

I would have asked them WHY do they think I'm not American, Chinese, that other woman is my daughter, etc. I have started to do so because I now realize they are racist jabs. Even the "jokes" are hidden racist insults.