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A new year typically brings about an influx of overly-positive goal setting for the majority of us. For a few of us, it brings about some kind of lasting change. If we're all truly honest with ourselves, though we try our best to reflect on our past decisions, circumstances, highs and lows, most of us still have no idea what we're actually doing. Life is difficult to plan for and for some reason it only seems to make sense in retrospect. A new year is certainly a time to set new goals, but it also offers the opportunity to reconcile the gap between our expectations and our reality.  At an age when every decision feels like a massive life altering one, there's great comfort in gaining wisdom from earlier generations. 

I hope that this series can offer you some guidance and encouragement as you navigate through your own life. May we all find comfort in knowing that no one has it all figured out and that's okay. It truly is the journey and the people that coming along the way that matter the most.

x, Kashara


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I wanted to leave something back here for my children. I wanted them to know that I still had an opportunity to do something that I had always wanted to do. I wanted to get a degree and I got that.
— Beatrice Spotts
Position yourself for your future. You won’t get jobs out of resumes most of the time.
— Frank Franklin